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About us

Why Falcon Boats?

Whilst skippering a boat trip in the summer of 2014, Ffion witnessed a peregrine falcon flying very low over the water. As she continued to watch, the bird fell in to the water. Peregrines, not being seabirds, are unable to swim so Ffion raced across the water, pulled out the drowning falcon, put her in a bucket and took her home (as you do). It would be worth noting at this point that Ffion has previously worked in a bird hospital and has ample experience with rehabilitating and handling wild birds.

As the months went by, she worked very closely with the female peregrine, now named Hiss, to discover why she had had her initial accident and the bring her up to strength to be once again released into the wild. This remarkable story drew the attention of author and illustrator Jackie Morris, a close friend of Ffion’s, and the book ‘Queen of the Sky’ was born, in which you can read more about Ffion’s relationship with a wild bird, the rehab of Hiss and her eventual release. In early 2016 when Ffion went on to found her company, there really was only one name in mind, Falcon Boats, in commemoration of Hiss the peregrine.

Ffion Rees

Company Director, Skipper

Ffion has worked the waters around Ramsey Sound for over 20 years.

‘Ramsey and its waters started off as my playground, later became my office and has lost none of its magic to this day’.

Ffion has been a member of the St David’s lifeboat crew for over 10 years, is a WISE accredited skipper, a powerboat instructor, a qualified Marine Mammal Observer and an author, having recently written a book about Ramsey which is being published by Graffeg later this year.

In addition, she has also worked to deliver specialist RIB training internationally, in areas such as Romania and India. In her spare time, she likes to ride her horse, read books and travel, having recently completed her first Atlantic crossing.

Anthony John

Business Partner, Boat builder, Engineer

Engineer extraordinaire Anthony John is hopefully the man that you will never see! Ant is the man we call when Ffion breaks things, and with his endless patience and technical abilities, he always saves the day. Anthony is a marine engineer with 12 years of experience designing and building a huge variety of boats from police RIBs to super yacht chase boats for Humber Quinquari Marine.

Dan Jackson 

Business Partner

When we can tear Dan away from espresso martinis in the Med or Caribbean, where he manages and captains classic Super Yacht Ranger, he can be found in Pembrokeshire providing behind the scenes support for Falcon Boats. Dan has a wide range of experience and knowledge, having been a volunteer for the Ocean Youth Trust, an engineer in the navy for 6 years, captain of various super yachts and manager of J Class Ranger.

Hannah Stowe

Crew, trainee skipper and social media manager

Marine biology student Hannah Stowe is looking forward to getting back on the water in Pembrokeshire after a season away spent sailing a traditional sailing vessel to Scandinavia and back and assisting with northern bottlenose whale research on board a 40ft sailing yacht for Professor Hal Whitehead and Dalhousie University Canada.

When she isn’t out on the water, she can usually be found in it, snorkelling or surfing, on the beach practising yoga, spending time with her aqua phobic collie dog Rosie or fielding late night phone calls from Ffion who is “trying to figure out the tweets”.

Hannah Stowe

The boatAtlantic Storm 1

Our 10m open Humber Quinquari RIB ‘Atlantic Storm’ is the ultimate in wildlife tourism boat. Humber has a pedigree second to none in the RIB market with 50 years experience. Their RIBs are renowned for their unique high performance ‘deep V’ hull design, which have an enviable reputation for excelling in adverse sea states.

Atlantic Storm has twin engines, a full suite of navigational and communication electronics and operates to the new Maritime and Coastguard Agencies harmonised Code of Practice. Our design includes a variety of seating suitable for all passengers including parents with children.

All our passengers have individual seats with appropriate handholds.  With Skipper and crew positioned at the rear of the vessel all passengers can be seen at all times throughout the trip, an important safety consideration on an open vessel.

Having operated RIBs in many different commercial applications and delivered specialist RIB training both in the UK and abroad our knowledge and understanding of high-speed boats is unique in the UK.