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Boat Trip information

Thank you for booking your Pembrokeshire boat trip with us! We aim to make it a memorable experience of our county’s beautiful islands and wildlife.

Please read the following information with regards to your coming boat trip:

What to wear

You must ensure that you wear suitable clothing. Please dress appropriately – take warm clothing at any time of year, as it is always cooler at sea.

A waterproof jacket is essential. In all conditions we advise warm windproof clothing and in windy/wet conditions a waterproof jacket and trousers. The skipper may refuse boarding if you are not suitably dressed and in such an event no refund will be given.

In sunny weather, protective cream and sunglasses are advised.

You are welcome to bring cameras and small bags containing personal effects, but all at your own risk.


All the trips leave from St Justinian’s, about 2 miles west of St David’s. See directions on how to get there.

Please allow plenty of time to get to St Justinian’s from St David’s as it is a narrow road with passing places.

Please be at the bottom of the St Justinian’s steps, ready to board 15 minutes prior to your departure time.

There is ample parking at St Justinian’s. At the cliff side there are laybys with about 30 car spaces – these are free and there is a disabled space, but they fill up quickly. You may use this area as a drop off point if you are parking further up the road. About 250m up the road is Rhosson Car Park (100 spaces) signposted on the left. This is Pay and Display and is £3.00 for the full day.

Once at St Justinian’s walk down the steps and look for our boarding master who will check your ticket and ensure that you are on the right boat. They will escort you to the boat when it comes in and assist with boarding.

Toilets – There are decent public toilets in St David’s (next to the City Hall).

At St Justinian’s at the lower lay-bys there are porta-loos in the peak times. These may not be in place in April!

Medical conditions

When booking you must inform us of any medical conditions. All boats can experience unpredictable movements that can aggravate existing medical conditions. You must inform us of such conditions, especially back/bone conditions and pregnancy.  We will advise you as best we can but as we are not medical experts, the decision as to whether to sail will be entirely at your risk. The skipper may refuse boarding in certain circumstances.


  • Your responsibility *very important*. You must inform skipper and crew of any difficulties or disabilities that you may have. When on board, please take notice of informed safety procedures.
  • The sea is a dangerous and ever changing environment and all adventurous activities carry certain risks that cannot be ignored. We do not, therefore, accept any responsibility for any events or incidents occurring outside our control.
  • If we suspect you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will not be allowed to board our vessels and you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Our vessel is inspected by the Marine Coastguard Agency and licensed to Cat. 4 to operate 20 miles from a safe haven.
  • We carry equipment well in excess of the legal requirements.
  • Full third party liability is provided for all passengers, excluding personal effects, which are carried at your own risk.
  • The company has a written safety policy including standard operating procedures and risk assessments, which are reviewed annually.
  • All boat crew have a valid First Aid certificate.
  • All passengers are fitted with lifejackets.
  • All skippers hold professional qualifications and undergo extensive training by the company.
  • We carry out a regular maintenance schedule on the vessel including daily and weekly checks.

Please read our full Terms & conditions.