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Cetacean Photo ID trips

Dolphins in Pembrokeshire •Rissos Dolphin, Grampus Griseus• We regularly catch up with these beautiful dolphins in our offshore waters and they are definitely one of our favourite species to see. Join us on one of our offshore trips for the chance to see these dolphins and more! Minke whale off Pembrokeshire, whale watching

We are delighted to be teaming up with Sea Watch Foundation again this year to offer specialist cetacean photography trips.  On these trips we will be joined by a Sea Watch Foundation scientist and professional photographer Janet Baxter.  This is a 3 hour trip dedicated to looking for cetaceans where Sea Watch staff will be carrying out photo ID on the animals to help build up their data base and knowledge of these animals.  Sea Watch’s main mission is to improve the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises and we are very excited to be involved with this.

We have a license to approach cetaceans when working with Sea Watch and you will also have the opportunity to benefit from some informal wildlife photography tuition from Janet Baxter.  This is an exclusive trip with limited numbers and advance booking is essential.

These trips will be run on the last weekend of the month weather permitting, for more information please phone 07494 141764 or email



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