During the summer months, as the Gulf Stream sweeps close to our coastline, the water temperature rises and a large variety of jellyfish can be found in the waters off the Pembrokeshire coast. Which species we see more of will vary from year to year, and can be anything from the harmless sea gooseberries to the rather more ominous looking lion’s mane jellyfish. The latter has tentacles that can grow to a phenomenal 120ft long, and each has as many as 1,200 tentacles, which emanate from them in delicate, filament-like strands. They are a cold water jellyfish, often found as far north as the Arctic, and feed on zooplankton, small fish, shrimp and other jellies.

Underwater flora and fauna

We also regularly see other marine life such as beautiful anemones, sea urchins, kelp beds and spider crabs.

Latest Sightings

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