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Underwater flora and fauna

Pembrokeshire wildlife

Our waters are home to an amazing wealth of marine life from tiniest phytoplankton to the fin whale, the second largest mammal on our planet.

Many different species of jellyfish can be seen in the summer months, the ocean sunfish that feed on them and even the occasional basking shark or leather back turtle.

Cold-water sea sponges, spider crabs, starfish, sea anemones and sea urchins can sometimes be seen on big low tides.

Sun Fish

The heaviest bony fish in the world with an average weight of 1 tonne.

A very strange looking fish, as it is almost round, with a fin top and bottom.

Sunfish are often to be seen on or near the surface with their upper fin flapping clumsily above the water making them easy to spot. This bizarre basking behaviour is thought to be an attempt to warm up in the warmer surface layer of water after deep dives.