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From Tom’s Studio – The Lumos Writer in Black


Disposable pens aren’t the future…

That’s why I designed the Lumos – Refillable Writing Pen. This pen is built to last and provide as much utility as possible. Here are some of its features:

  • Infinitely refillable: The Lumos writing pen has a reservoir that can be easily refilled just by dipping it in ink. It works by capillary action, which feeds the pen tip and keeps the ink flowing beautifully.
  • Any ink colour: You’re no longer limited to just blue and black. You can refill your pen with any fountain ink colour, including waterproof pigment ink.
  • Smooth tips: The Lumos writing pen comes with an incredible Japanese-made 0.3 writing tip that provides just the right level of feedback on paper. You can write at any angle, and the tip is incredibly durable, so no matter how hard you press on the paper, it will take it. When the tip does eventually wear out, all that needs replacing is this tiny tip. A 0.5 tip is also available if you like a thicker line.
  • Endlessly interchangeable: The Lumos Refillable writing pen doesn’t limit you to just one tip type. You can easily swap between another 9 different tip styles, including fineliners (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0) and felt-tips (2mm chisel, bullet, and brush). You can find the full creative tip set here.


  • The finish is a super grippy and durable matt black anodised finish.
  • The Lumos – Refillable Writing Pen comes with a 0.3 writing tip. You can buy replacement writing or other tips here in packs of 3 here: Lumos tips.
  • The pen comes with a reusable cotton core reservoir for each nib, spares available here: Lumos reservoirs. The longer version works in this pen.
  • The Lumos Write weighs 20g and is 10mm in diameter.
  • The pen includes a Tom’s Studio – Deep Black Ink (not waterproof) 5ml bottle of ink. More colours are available here: Fountain pen ink as well as waterproof pigment inks . Calligraphy Inks are not compatible (find out more in FAQs below).