Oyster Shell with Puffins, Thrift and Bluebells (Large, Design 2


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These lovely recycled oyster shells are created by a local artist, Anne Ferrand.

Here’s a bit more from the artist on her process:

I source my Oyster Shells locally from seafood restaurants where, if I didn’t have them, they would be binned each day once customers have had oysters for dinner.

After cleaning and scrubbing them thoroughly of green barnacles and debris, I touch up the darker bits and then leave them to dry. After a few days the oyster shells are ready to be decorated with whatever image I choose. This is done using the age-old method of decoupage. Building up layers of paper, glue and varnish. The artist’s varnish is not oil based so it will not yellow with age. I then trim the edges with either gold paint or gold leaf. Some I leave without gold trim, ‘au naturel’. They should not be immersed in water but wiped clean with a soft cloth.

Anne Ferrand – Artist based in Narbeth