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Ramsey Island and beyond – the book



Ramsey Island and beyond – a life on the water

‘…Ramsey Island and Beyond, a Life on the Water is such a rich treat. More than a guide book, this is a story of a relationship with both land and sea. This is a wonderful treasure of a book that will make you want to leave the land and take to the waters to taste that summer scent of heather and sea salt, and sit and watch the shearwaters rafting in twilight.’ Jackie Morris, author, artist and illustrator. Read full article on the RSPB Cymru website.

‘The first chapter takes us not immediately to Ramsey itself, but to Grassholm and The Smalls, the surrounding waters and the teeming wild life all around. The mighty sea with all its changing and capricious moods permeates every page of this exciting new title, the same sea which determines even on a daily basis how Ffion organises her life as a naturalist, conservator and driver of boats.

‘She loves this self-same sea, especially the waters around this extraordinary corner of west Wales. Ffion has been involved with boats from her earliest childhood, starting with fishing trips with her late father and later honing her skills with other professional boatmen, and with fellow crew members on the St Davids lifeboat.

‘The book, which manages to compress an incredible amount of information into its 160 pages, contains some very comprehensive sections on the geology of the area, the sea and bird life around Ramsey, and the fauna and flora of the island which is today run as a bird sanctuary by the RSPB. The story also includes a substantial amount of history about the island and many of its former inhabitants in the years leading up its eventual acquisition by the society.’ Chris Taylor, St Davids Bookshop.