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What should I wear?

You must ensure that you wear suitable clothing. Take warm clothing at any time of year, as it is always cooler at sea. A waterproof jacket is essential. In all conditions we advise warm windproof clothing and in windy/wet conditions a waterproof jacket and trousers. The skipper may refuse boarding if you are not suitably dressed.

Who is the trip suitable for?

Most of our trips are suitable for all ages and abilities; some of the longer trips have age restriction, which are for guidance.  In some weather/sea conditions we may introduce additional restrictions on the grounds of safety.  We will tailor our trips to our passengers and if you have specific requirements or disabilities we can work with you to organise it around the tide for the most convenient boarding or provide additional assistance if required.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs.

What will we see?

We will do our utmost to show you as much wildlife as possible but obviously we can’t always guarantee wildlife sightings.  No two trips are the same and sightings may depend on the season, the weather, the tides and what trip you choose.  For more detail or if you have specific interests please contact us and we will advise accordingly.  We will always be realistic about what we think you are going to see at any given time.

What is your refund policy?

Full refunds are offered provided you contact us at least a full 24hrs before departure. We will also fully refund if a voyage is cancelled by us. Our boats sail if the skipper considers it safe to do so. It is their decision as they are responsible for your safety at sea. Wind and swell is the main reason we will cancel a tour, we do not cancel for rain. Please see our full Terms & conditions.

Can I bring my dog?

Well-behaved dogs are welcome on all of our shorter trips but the longer offshore trips are a bit too long for canine companions.

Do you drive the boats very fast?

The RIBs we use are similar to those used by the Rescue Services and are extremely seaworthy. We have the capability to transport you swiftly and safely to the next stop on your tour with minimum travel time. We are wildlife tour operators. We respect the environment in which we work and we do not operate our boat as a thrill ride but aim to make the ride as comfortable as possible. Our cruise speed is considerably less than the maximum speed of the vessel and our skippers are all very experienced.

Where is St Justinians?

From the centre of St David’s, travel down Goat Street past the Farmers Arms. Continue on down Pit Street past the lower car park at the back of the Bishop’s Palace. Keep going on this road until you reach St Justinians.

St Justinians is where the current Lifeboat station is and also the site of the old lifeboat station which is the embarkation point for the boat.